Our Dining Room

As a follow up to my triumphant post about stripping my last strip of wallpaper, I realized I should finally bring it full circle and post about the first room I stripped the wallpaper from in this house.

Listing photos

Flashing back to what the room looked like when it was all white:

I wouldn't call it 'done' but it has certainly changed since we bought the house. Time for some afters!

We didn't own any dining chairs or a table when we moved in, so this room was totally empty for a long time, and now we are gradually adding things. I wrote about the table when it first got delivered. The windsor side chairs came from Target, and the comfy end chairs came from Restoration Hardware. I found the workshop that made the table, the antique cabinet in the corner, and the framed prints of beer and food pairings all on Etsy. 

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