The Ghost's Room

We bought our house the same week that my sister graduated from college. We gave her her own room to store some of her stuff. She was literally never in the house when we were home, but every few weeks she would come over to get something or do laundry. We would find little clues that she had been in the house, but we never saw her, so that's how she came to be known as the ghost, and her room affectionately came to be known as the ghost's room.

Of all the (many, many) pink floral wallpapers that were in this house when we bought it, the pattern in this room was actually my favorite. I liked the turquoise color of the stripe, and as far as floral wallpapers go, I thought it was a good one. That explains why this was the last room in the house I stripped the wallpaper from. (There is still wallpaper in the bathrooms and kitchen, but I'm not planning to strip it, in favor of totally demolishing them someday...)

I was pretty excited to strip my last piece of wallpaper in this house:

I could watch this over and over. 

Amazingly, the wall color underneath the wallpaper was also turquoise! This house was in the same family for over 50 years when we bought it, so I like to imagine that the same person who chose the wallpaper was also responsible for the turquoise paint underneath. Clearly, this room has good karma for teal-lovers such as myself.

Isn't this color amazing?

The ghost has moved on, so this is going to be serving as my office/the guest room. The paint color I chose was Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams (but I used my favorite Valspar Reserve flat paint). This was one of the nine gray samples I had proposed for the master bedroom, but it was shot down immediately for being too seafoam-y. Of course, once I had this on the walls in the ghost's room, Ryan just loved the color :)

Time for some before and afters:
Listing photo.

From when we toured the house. Loved this room right away.

There is nothing I can do about this air conditioner.

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