New Year, New Closet

Is there anything a trip to the Container Store can't fix?

Our linen closet has been driving me crazy since we moved here. The "before" picture doesn't look too bad, but in person, this closet was funky. The wood shelves were not primed properly so the wood grain was bleeding through, and they had a smell. This was also one of the many areas in the house that I didn't really realize was pink until we removed all the other pink surroundings.

Evidence of the funky shelves.

I washed down all the surfaces and primed everything with Zinsser BIN. The shelves each got two coats to properly seal the wood.

I painted the shelves and the inside of the closet with Valspar Reserve Semigloss, which was color matched to Ralph Lauren Picket Fence. This paint was left over from the living room. I was originally thinking about using color for the closet, but instead I decided to use what I had. It was great to complete this project without making any trips to a hardware store.

Much better!

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