Scholar Green for the Office

The office is finally revamped. Here's how the office looked in April with the original floral wallpaper.

The wallpaper ended up being surprisingly easy to strip, compared with some of the other rooms in the house. We have more experience and know what works (Dif gel sprayed on generously with a garden sprayer, for the record), so that may be why it seemed easier. The wall color waiting for us under the wallpaper was the real surprise.

We stalled out on this project for a bit after this, and the neon peach walls (and one white one) kept taking us by surprise. Next up was prime time and new ceiling paint. I primed using Zissner Bullseye 1-2-3. The Dif stained the ceiling (note to self, be more careful next time). I used Zissner B-I-N to cover, since the Zissner Bullseye 1-2-3 doesn't cover well over stains of any kind. I used Behr ceiling paint for the ceiling.

I actually loved the way the room looked in white, but this room was slated to go dark instead of light. The paint color is Scholar Green, which is a Ralph Lauren color. I used Behr Marquee paint, thinking it would be higher quality than the Glidden paint that is used for Ralph Lauren colors. I already posted what I thought about the paint. If I could go back, I would color match the paint to my trusty Valspar Reserve. But all's well that ends well, the final result is great!

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