Jackhammering, etc.

We were motivated to remove some of the eye sores from the back of the house after we had the house painted. Along with the sunsetter, it was also time to say goodbye to the clothesline. Our back yard is not all that private, and hanging anything on this clothesline just felt weird, so we never used it. Not to mention, it was literally hanging on by a thread.

First thing we did (and I use the term "we" loosely) was dig out the clothesline. The amount of cement holding it up was way more than we expected.

So that's where the jackhammer, which we rented from Home Depot, came in. We were pretty sure that the 4 hour minimum rental time would be enough, but once we got it back to the house, it became funny that we were even concerned about the time. The boulders were broken up in all of 15 minutes.

So now the grass just needs to be reseeded. Here's the before and after for taking down the sunsetter and the clothesline. I love looking at this!

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